Davidson's Fixative

SKU: VHF-032

Davidson's Fixative

SKU: VHF-032
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Davidson's Fixative is an alcohol-formalin-acetic acid ba…


Davidson's Fixative is an alcohol-formalin-acetic acid based fixative with human, veterinary and research applications. This ready-to-use fixative (also known as Hartmann’s Solution) is recommended for a variety of specimens, including eyes and testes. This fixative penetrates structures quickly while preserving morphological detail and immunohistochemical staining.

Tissues placed in Davidson Fixative turn white/opaque, assisting to enhance the visibility and yield of lymph nodes in fatty breast, colon and radical dissection specimens. Overnight fixation is recommended for large and/or fatty specimens and lymph node detection.

Davidson Fixative can also provide a safe alternative to the use of Bouin Fluid in the laboratory. The benefits of Davidson’s include:

Comparable fixative properties to Bouin Fluid
No picric acid concerns
Safer for laboratory personnel to handle
Simpler disposal methods
Does not require lengthy post-fixation rinsing

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